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Strangely, iOS 8 has space for outsider gadgets in its warning region, while there is no such arrangement in Android L. As a shopper, this is going to astonish the future users of Android L. By just pulling down the warning board in iOS 8, users can gain admittance to these outsider gadgets.

Particularly, the home screens in both Android L and iOS 8 have been held like their before forms. Android L is an incredible decision for individuals who need to customize their Android Data Eraser cells and iOS 8 is extraordinary for individuals who need the customized look, yet with a dash of effortlessness.

Contacts, Keyboard, Dialer

The console in Android L has been somewhat changed yet through and through, it is the same as an ordinary console that we have prior utilized on Android gadgets. Every one of the highlights, for example, auto-right, emojis and word expectation are particularly a piece of Android L. Be that as it may, Apple has proficiently incorporated some truly noteworthy word-expectations in iOS 8. The unique situation and motivation behind the progressing discussion is comprehended by a calculation, which at that point makes some truly brilliant forecasts.

Android L’s Phone application has experienced some honorable changes. All the featured contacts are presently set advantageously at the base edge of the screen, henceforth giving snappy access to them. In the interim, the Search and Last Dialed contacts are at the best. Then again, no progressions have been made to the Phone application in iOS 8, which is reasonable. Still Apple leads here because of highlights, for example, blocking writings and calls from wanted contacts.

In Android L, the contact list is smaller when contrasted with previously, with little spaces between each contact and a little profile picture. While in iOS 8, there is no space for a profile picture, presumably on the grounds that the engineers realize that the majority of them will stay clear.

Performing multiple tasks, Notification board, Quick controls

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